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ASSESSMENTS at TetraNeuroNet

When people come for help with functional difficulty related to nervous system functioning, an assessment is done. There are a variety of forms on the website for you to download, fill out and bring with you to your brainmapping appointment. Some of the forms are under FOR EVERYONE TO FILL OUT. Some of the forms are under SYMPTOM SPECIFIC. So if sleep is one of your major issues, you need to fill out the Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index Form. More than one subjective rating scale for autism is available.

Sleep, nutrition and exercise are a part of the assessment as these are major contributors to our available energy. Additionally, history of infection and/or exposure to toxins will be discussed. Developmental, medical and mental health history as well as family dynamics are discussed. In this work, it is also important to look at a person’s support system.

Since the state of the brain determines much of our perception and behavior, EEG brainmapping is used to look at function. The process of acquiring the EEG data requires the client being willing and able to wear a cap with electrodes that will sit on their scalp. Nothing goes through the scalp. A gel that is cool is put into the little cups that surround the electrode so the gel is the contact between the scalp and the electrode. The hook-up can take from ten to twenty minutes and the recording can take another 15-20 minutes. See brainmapping link on home page for more information on this.

The neurocognitive assessment using CNSvs computer testing takes approximately a half hour and is done after a short break following the brainmapping. This is another way of looking at brain function. There are a series of standardized tests done that assess executive function, processing speed, cognitive flexibility, complex attention, reaction time, psychomotor speed, visual memory, verbal memory & composite memory.

Together the brainmapping and the CNSvs testing can take two hours if preferred and can be done as two separate hours or both in one day. It is up to the client and can be scheduled as such. It is possible to do both in one hour if all parties keep to task.