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BRAINWAVES at TetraNeuroNet


Brainwaves seen in the EEG are measured from < 1 cycle per second up past 50 cycles per second. Bandwidths filtered are associated with varying states of consciousness.

Delta waves are associated with deep sleep, childhood, and the collective unconscious.
delta   1-01
Theta waves are associated with creativity, dreams, memory and emotional information.
Alpha waves are associated with an open wakeful state of consciousness. Alpha is a neutral resting state for the brain. Training an increase in alpha and theta can decrease arousal levels.
alpha 1-03
Sensori-motor rhythm waves are associated with a focused restraint, the body is still and the mind is alert. Training an increase in SMR can decrease motor excitability and increase focus.
Beta waves are associated with thinking, executive functioning and the complexity of action that enables us towards goals. 
Gamma waves are associated with higher states of consciousness, perception and consolidation of learning.