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There are a few reasons for the free consultation:

To provide information to the person about biofeedback, neurotherapy, braintraining and the variety of modalities offered at TetraNeuroNet.

To allow the person to see the office, meet me and get a feel for how treatment would progress.

To let the person have a sample experience of biofeedback.

To clarify if the timing is right for treatment at TetraNeuroNet.

Sometimes, by clearing other issues up first, the services I have to offer either become obsolete or more effective.

Example of how treatment would become obsolete: if a person has very low energy levels, gets blood work and finds out their vitamin D levels are very low, goes on vitamin D supplement, and their energy levels are improved to a satisfactory degree.

Example of how treatment would be more effective: If a person has very high anxiety levels, gets blood work and finds out there is an underlying infection, then is treated effectively, but still has bouts of anxiety.

To allow me to consider the concerns a person brings to the consult and determine if I am well suited to work with that person’s story and make a positive impact.

To allow me to find an appropriate referral if necessary.