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LORETA-Z-SCORE Training at TetraNeuroNet


LORETA Z-score training- LORETA refers to low resolution electromagnetic tomography. This allows an estimation of localized activity and the potential generators of that activity from the varying spectrum of frequencies. From the signal recorded at the scalp, LORETA has been able to compute 3D intracerebral distributions of current density for specified EEG frequency bands.

LORETA utilizes a head model registered to a brain atlas company and can localize the sources reliably in 3D space. From the recordings obtained at the scalp during the brainmapping, LORETA maps are utilized for suggesting a possible direction of treatment depending on the presenting symptoms. During LORETA z-score training, it is Brodman areas and networks with functional relevance that are focused on. The client wears a full cap for this training and receives feedback that is similar to in the other forms of neurofeedback.