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The Neurofield, a pEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field) system, is a four channel frequency generator that utilizes four 200 wind coils.  Neurofield is set up for the use of a data-driven treatment plan which allows frequencies to be chosen that can be (either or both) supportive and disruptive. Frequencies can be generated from 0.31-300,000 Hz. The pEMF output ranges from 1-40 microtesla. This is 10,000,000 times weaker than the EMF pulse given by rTMS devises. Some of the basic assumptions of Neurofield are; the brain mimics the pEMF it is given, pEMF can increase capillary blood flow, pEMF can reduce inflammation and neural inflammation tends to limit neurofeedback success. Neurofield can be a passive treatment with stimulation only.

Additionally, Neurofield has built in physiological measuring capabilities and can track HRV and EEG response to the stimulation in real time. Neurofield is unique in its' interplay with physiologic assessment in this way. With the capability to measure real time z-scores (RTZ) Neurofield can be utilized as a combination of a feed-forward system and auditory operant conditioning. First a Neurofield protocol is chosen based on deficiencies or negative z-scores of the individual’s brain-maps and related to that person’s most prominent symptoms. This data helps guide electrode and coil placement. For the auditory operant conditioning piece, the thresholds are set to address the excessive or positive z-scores. The RTZ Neurofield then allows a linear relay between the tracking of the EEG from the scalp for a period of seconds, and then the delivery of one of the frequencies of the pEMF protocol for the next time period, then back to where the EEG is recorded again with auditory feedback being given dependent on threshold criteria being met or not. RTZ will go all the way through the protocol, with intermittent periods of EEG measurement and contingent reward, time permitting.

People find these treatments to be calming, quenching or energizing. In issues involving stress from chronic systemic inflammation, Neurofield can be very helpful. One of the most common responses people have to treatment is improved sleep quality, so do not let the word ‘stimulation’ fool you. 


The Infra-red photonic stimulator
, a 940 nanometer wavelength device, delivers energy to the body to assist with circulation and wound healing. In issues involving hypo-perfusion the photon stimulator can be very helpful. This type of device has been used widely in Europe with athletes, helping them recover from over exertion. It is now FDA approved for use in the U.S.

The Biomat is an FDA approved heating pad that, unlike an electric blanket, does not get hot when it is turned on. The Biomat emits far infrared rays that penetrate 6 inches into the body and warm the body from the inside. The far infrared rays may benefit knotted muscles, blood vessels, lymph glands, and nerves. The Biomat may increase blood circulation. The Biomat does reduce stress and fatigue and soothes jangled nerves