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PRICING at TetraNeuroNet


$550. Intake: history, assessment, mapping,
report & treatment plan.

          This includes up to 2 hrs. of actually being in office. 1 hr at the beginning for the recording and 1 hr after the report is done to go over the proposed treatment plan. In between I spend 4-5 hours processing and organizing the data, researching, and consulting. 


$850. Intake & 4 biofeedback sessions 

$100. Individual sessions:  pay as you go.

$1700. package of (20) hour-long sessions. This means each session is $85. 

$100. Neurocogntive testing with cnsvs (see useful for screening and serial testing. This is a computerized test that takes approximately a half hour. 


$200. Evaluation:  re-assess, re-map, new short report with next level treatment plan.