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The name for my business came from realizing that the fourth piece, that everything I do rides on, is time. I had been thinking of names that would incorporate a 3 sided approach, since from assessment to treatment, I conceptualize what I am doing in 3s. If one visualizes a three sided structure, geometrically, it has no bottom. So time is our container, the fourth side. Tetra comes from a combination of ancient greek words for four (tettares&tessares). I visualize time as the Net, catching us and supporting us while we grow stronger and more flexible.

My first hope is to make the validation of being able to get feedback about one’s psychophysiology available to all who are interested. I am honored to have access to this gift that has been shared so generously with me by my mentors. My second hope is to help create resilience with the tools I have that are engineered to address stress.