Biofeedback for Providers

Holistic Health

A Holistic Approach to Patient Health

TetraLexRN is a low-level stimulation and biofeedback center that will helps patients experience relaxed ease and improved attention through…

  • Careful assessment
  • Goal setting Interventions that include disentrainment and entrainment modalities, as well as, passive and active biofeedback opportunities
  • Evaluation of progress

Biofeedback + Low-level Stimulation

There is a multitude of advantages to addressing stress with biofeedback. One of the most important reasons is that it builds heightened awareness that can be directly linked to attention. Attention is perhaps our biggest asset. The ability to attend is often noted when people describe peak performance states. Additionally, compromised attention is often listed as at least one of the culprits in many accidents.

Who is a good referral for Biofeedback therapy?

A good referral for biofeedback and low-level stimulation are patients that are out of the acute phase of an insult. Patients that are stable relative to their own baseline are considered a good referral.

Patients with neurological and psychological conditions involving the central nervous system are good referrals. Neurologists & psychotherapists have reported that when their patients do not have access to the underlying material ‘at the heart of the matter’, biofeedback can gently and carefully help. The collaborative approach is very effective.

If you have a patient that has a history of trauma or TBI, Neurotherapy may be able to help them.

If you have a patient with somatic complaints and they have been cleared by the medical doctors on their team but they are still struggling, Neurotherapy may be able to help them.

If you have a patient with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder or executive functioning disorder, Neurotherapy may be indicated.

If you have a patient with chronic inflammation or pain, Neurotherapy may be indicated. If the medical condition itself creates stress from all that is needed to manage it, biofeedback, as a form of self-regulation can be supportive.

Neurotherapy includes assessment, treatment planning, and interventions such as biofeedback and low-level stimulation.

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Long-Acting Injectables Administration

Alexandra Linardakis, RN offers the service of administering long-acting injectable antipsychotic medication. Through a collaborative relationship with an MD, Alexandra is able to schedule an appointment with the patient, or caregiver, to administer these medications. By doing this, the patient is able to come to an appointment with the order and prescribed medication from one of their psychiatrists and receive the injection in a comfortable and caring environment.




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