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Lexi was a source of knowledge, strength, and trust during our weakest moments. We found the process of low-level stimulation/biofeedback to be an essential piece to our recovery plan and continue to seek this treatment as a source of continued stability in achieving optimum mental health wellness.

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After being hit by a truck in February of 2014 I fell into a deep depression. I could not sleep, I could not think clearly, I suffered terrible mood swings. Eventually, I checked myself into a rehab center where I completely fell apart. It was not until I started working with Lexi that I saw a real change in my attitude toward myself, life, and little by little I began sleeping. I made a commitment, and the commitment has changed my life. Through many ups and downs, Lexi has stuck with me. Am I the person before my TBI? No. But, I am more myself than I have been in many years. Here I am in the middle of the pandemic and I am functioning better than almost anyone around me. I have always been temperamental, and perhaps bi-polar, but, I have come such a long way I hardly recognize myself. I am forever thankful that Lexi has and will continue to be my neurofeedback practitioner. Her patience is unparalleled, her support is unending, and her wisdom is eternal.

Real Patient
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